Long-Acting Reversible Contraception Service

Patients registered with practices within the Central Liverpool Primary Care Network can now access a dedicated service for coil and implant fitting.

Coils and implants are examples of Long Acting Reversible Contraception (‘LARCs’), which have many advantages over alternative contraception methods such as the pill.

Long-acting reversible contraception is contraception that doesn’t depend on you remembering to take or use it to be effective.

They are highly effective at preventing pregnancy.

You can read more about LARCs on the Sexwise website (click here).

If you would like to access this service please ask your doctor or nurse or, for anyone registered with a Liverpool GP, you can also refer yourself to the LARC service by filling out this LARC service self referral form and sending it to  CLPCN-larc.service@livgp.nhs.uk